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Sjef Vloemans retires

Last month, our General Manager, Sjef Vloemans, reached his retirement age. After a long and very impressive career in the world of shoes, Sjef invested a lot of his time and energy in our company's business in the past 7 years. Thanks to his efforts and the serenity everyone around him experienced when dealing with him, our company has become lifted to a higher level so that we can now deliver such impressive services. Sjef will remain supporting us from background until December 31.

In the meantime, Carolien Wanders has replaced him in his function. During the last 5 years, Carolien has worked for Erren Recondition with a great deal of enthusiasm, particularly doing her best for you, our customer. Therefore, to us , it was a logical choice - she would replace Sjef as Office Manager and work further to improve company efficiency and provide even better services. A never-ending business process!