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The essential link in trade between Asia and Europe

The majority of our shoes, clothing and accessories come from Asia. However, many of the products are not suitable to be sold immediately upon arrival. Transport damage, impurities, mold, poor finishing or having a high percentage of harmful substances are unfortunately all too common. Misunderstandings with the producer, transport problems and strict European legislation are often the cause.

Returning the product is not an option as the costs are extremely high and of course you always want to fulfill the agreement you have made with your clients. Erren Recondition repairs your products and brings them back to the state and quality that you were expecting. We enable you to avoid cancellation and make an important contribution to your return and the environment.
Erren Recondition sees a challenge in every problem. With creative solutions we can transform the most hopeless damages to a perfect product of the highest quality.

The only thing that Erren Recondition can’t do, is what you don’t ask.